Phy Joyce (Pilates):

"Ceza is an excellent pilates instructor! She knows what she is doing and clearly demonstrates this expertise throughout the class: Ceza easily runs a couple of kilometres during the class as she makes posture corrections or provides one-to-one attention to newbies. She always offers options or alternatives, so no matter your ability you will have a great pilates session. In amongst the hard work Ceza manages to make the class fun and enjoyable."

Isla Binnie-McKenzie (Burlexercise):

"As someone who really dislikes  the gym but does like to keep fit I can thoroughly recommend Ceza's Burlesque Exercise Class.  I have been attending for about 6 months now and I love it. Ceza is a fabulous teacher who doesnt judge and manages to combine cardio, dance, weights and abdominal exercise  into a fun and sexy routine without being at all cringy.  The music is brilliant and I feel so much better not just after the class but its such fun that you feel really upbeat during the class.  I am almost 60 but there are lots of young and older women there and we have had some males.  I genuinely feel so much fitter and healthier since attending Cezas class and I love the music and dance routines.  I would definitely recommend the class and cant imagine not going there on a Monday night."

Frances Tait (Pilates):

"Ceza is a first class Pilates instructor. She consistently offers an individualised exercise programme for every participant for every workout. She misses nothing and is very inclusive of everyone whether beginner or advanced. She offers alternatives for all levels and motivates, encourages and commends at every opportunity. I have only one "complaint", the hour goes in too quickly. I always leave the session with a sense of achievement and look forward to the morning after feeling when I know I've done Pilates with Ceza."

Basia Dziedzic (EAM):

"I have recently had an EAM session with Ceza and it was a really great experience. I have been going through a stressful time and I realised I had some energy blocks which I needed to release to move forward. Ceza has helped me to get to the bottom of what’s been holding me back and she helped me to form some powerful affirmations. After the session I felt an emotional shift. Thank you Ceza for this great experience!"

Alison Stockton (EAM):

"Ceza is Such a beautifully authentic women with a huge heart and passion to help transform womens health and lifestyle. I experienced my first ever EAM session today and it was so interesting and rewarding. Thank you beautiful Soul xx"

Joyce Hardie (EAM):

"I have just had my first EAM session with Ceza and feel great.
Two days ago, my physiotherapist gave me a stick to use to support my knee and I hated it, and felt it was a backward step in my health. At the end of the session my views have changed and I can positively recognise that by using my stick now, I may get better sooner. I would thoroughly recommend Ceza and I am already talking to her about my next session."

Susan Thurlow (Pilates):

"Just had my first class with Ceza in PureGym Stirling! Coming into my first class with a hip injury probably wasn't the best idea but Ceza made me welcome and showed me variants where my hip just wasn't up to it. Needless to say booked up for next week on the way out to the car! Thanks xx"  

Ingrid Rutherford (Pilates):

"Ceza has been leading our pilates class, over the summer, in Glasgow Caledonian University's Arc gym - and she's a fantastic instructor! You really feel she is paying close attention to everyone in the group, and is providing exceptional support for us. Thanks!"

Dijana Llugolli (EAM):

"I had an EAM session with Ceza in a time when I had some relationship energy reversals with my best friend and thought it was right timing to speak to someone about my emotions. I tried to speak with my Friend but realized that are my feelings about her totally ridiculous and causing me some kind of pain that was completely useless. WOW - realizing I don't actually have problems with relationships or that root cause is actually in my energies and that my feminine energy is dominant when it comes to relationships and I am being too way sensitive and acting ridiculous.

I can't recommend enough Ceza and EAM mentoring. She is a person you can easily trust, who guides you and you feel she has knowledge, compassion, and skills to help you overcome the emotional state that is not serving you.

Thank you so much again "