Pilates Online

If you have the enthusiasm to get in shape but...

- Your schedule doesn't allow it,

- You have young children and can't make classes,

- You travel a lot for work,

- You feel self-conscious about exercising in front of a group, 

- You want a home workout plan,

- Or you want to supplement your current Pilates schedule.

Why not try Pilates from the comfort of your home? 

Why Pilates?

- It improves your posture.

-It relieves back pain. 

- It enhances your core strength (those tummy and pelvic floor muscles). 

- It creates long, lean muscles for that toned look. 

- It increases your flexibility. 

- It increases your mobility (stops your muscles and joints stiffening up). 

- You want abs? Pilates will give you abs. 

- It de-stresses you. 

- It allows you to connect with your body for greater body awareness and confidence. 

- It boosts your brain power. 

What do you get:

- 2 x 30 minute Pilates videos a week. 

- Varied classes, including Pilates with no equipment, Pilates with weights, bands, chair, etc. 

- Classes focused on one body area and classes focused on the whole body.

- Pilates when you want. Access videos any time of the day.  Workout at home or anywhere. 

- A dedicated Facebook Group, where you will have access to all videos.

- Access to me through the group, so ask any questions, get support and motivation from me and the group. Perfect for anyone with injuries and unsure how to do moves and anyone who wants modifications. 

- Monthly Q&A sessions with me, so you can ask any questions you have. 

All this for only £20 a month.   

What are you waiting for? 

Sign up now and start feeling the benefits of having consistent and varied Pilates videos at the tips of your fingers so you can workout at home and have access to a Pilates Instructor! 

Enjoy having Pilates in your life now! 

Once you've signed up, make sure to add yourself to the Facebook group 

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