Mind Warrior In Training

At Warrior In Training we know how important our mind and our energy is for being able to achieve the intentions and goals we have set in our lives. We know how important it is for being able to progress forwards and to feel amazing, happy and love the life we live. 

Our main tool is the Energy Alignment Method (EAM), a pioneering and transformational tool. 5 simple steps to tune into your energy and subconscious and get clarity on the underlying issue, allowing you to find out what is really holding you back. Use EAM to let go of stress, overwhelm, indecision, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns. 

EAM was created by Yvette Taylor, who has personally trained Ceza and she is one of 16 Founding EAM Mentors Worldwide.  


EAM bridges Eastern & Western Principles, incorporating eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, therapeutic methods and energy work. The method is based on modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience and neurocardiology.

One of the reasons we love EAM is because it is so effect and quick to shift your energy and get you into a state of flow. 

What does flow mean? That is when you can create changes on physiological, psychological and energetic level, to be able to manifest what you desire. 

What are you waiting for? Check out how you can use it now! 

Permission To Be You Experience

Give yourself the permission to do what you want! Together we are going to get you the job you want. No more daydreaming. You will embrace your confident and kick ass self and have the determination and focus to go for what you want NO MATTER WHAT!

Instead of being at the mercy of your fears, you will tune into your warrior power. You will work from the inside out, because those fears, beliefs, what you ‘should’ be doing are the very things keeping you stuck and stopping you from stepping up into your amazing self!

You will have clarity on what actions to take to reach the job you want and will put those actions in place.

All in 21 days!

The Experience includes:

  • 21 days of access to me. As a mentor I will be able to see the things holding you back that you won't see or want to admit. I'll pick up on your words and body language and know where to work on next. 
  • 2 day retreat at Gleddoch Hotel (food and accommodation included) on 26th and 27th July 2019
  • 2 full days of work on what is holding you back, using the pioneering Energy Alignment Method technique as well as acting and coaching tools, fitness and visualisations.  
  • 2 VIP Days either side of the retreat. 
  • Uplevel in every area of your life. Yes, we are focusing on work, but to do that we also look at what else is going on in your life. 
  • Access to Pilates online for a month. 
  • You will have time to relax and process the work during the evening, with access to the Spa and grounds. 

If you are ready and committed to

  • living the life you want
  • doing the job you want 
  • being surrounded by the people who make you happy
  • being happy and knowing you are following your dreams
  • achieving the goals you have set yourself
  • embracing who you truly are

...then get on a call with me. Don't waste any more of your time and happiness! Book now!


Total Investment - £2000.  

Early Bird price of £1500 until 30th June - 25% off. 

Payment instalments options available. 


Intensive Warrior Programme

Do you feel stuck and trapped in a situation that's not serving you? 

Is it time to take the plunge and start taking the steps to change your life?

The 8 Week Intensive Warrior Programme might be perfect for you!

Book a clarity call today


£1200 for 8 weekly 1:1 x  90 minute sessions. 

Payment Instalments option available. 

Bespoke One to One Mentoring

Bespoke one to one coaching and VIP Days to gain clarity and focus on moving forwards in life and work. 

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and want to move forwards to a happier place? Do you have negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions preventing you from achieving your goals? 

Working together to identify those limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions and taking the necessary steps to bring about change from within to manifest the life you want and enjoy living. 

Book a Clarity Call to find out more.


One to One Coaching (not Intensive Warrior Programme)  6 x 90 minutes over 2-3 months - £895

VIP Days - one big session of 4 hours - £400

Ceza Ouzounian, EAM Mentor

Ceza Ouzounian, EAM Mentor

EAM Taster Session

The Energy Alignment Method is an amazing tool for excelling your life forwards, why not see for yourself with this taster session? 

This is a laser focused 30 minute EAM session, so you can get an idea of what it is all about and give you an AHA moment about a challenge going on in your life. 

Investment - £50

Book your place here.  


Unleash Your Wonder Woman Programme

Do you feel your confidence is affecting how you feel about yourself? Does how you feel about your body stop you doing the things you want to?

Then it is time to embrace the Wonder Woman in you. Start identifying those beliefs and emotions preventing you from getting fit and healthy, from loving you body and being the beautiful, authentic soul you are. 

This journey will be your transformation into the beautiful, confident woman you are. Allowing you to step into your power and shine from the inside out with complete love for your body and for yourself, so you can achieve the goals you set because every superhero knows she can! 

Coming Soon!

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