Upcoming EVENTS

Permission To Be You Retreat

This is a life changer. For more information, go to the Mind Warrior In Fitness Page.

Past Events

Thermo Fisher Scientific Workshop

Corporate environment workshop and 1:1 EAM sessions.

How does the subconscious and body's energy affect you at work? What are the factors stopping you from dealing effectively with stress, career progression, productivity? How can you overcome this! 

I spent the day running a workshop and 1:1s sessions to show employees how EAM can be an affective tool in the workplace. 

WEmpower Networking Morning


Looking at the way the subconscious and energy holds us stuck and stops us progressing forwards in work and life. 

I'll show you how the Energy Alignment Method can help shift those blocks. 

Speaking at WiNG


To create change, we have to first become aware of how our minds are stopping us! Our beliefs and thoughts shape our business and life. I'll explain some way to tune into your energy and identify what's holding you back. 

The WiNG (Women in Networking Glasgow) events are always great, with the opportunity to meet some amazing women, to inspire, learn and collaborate.

Embrace Your Inner Warrior


During this 2 hour interactive workshop, you will:

- Learn how to use the Energy Alignment Method.  

- Identify what's holding you back from loving life.  

- Release the biggest obstacle holding you back right now.

- Align to what you truly desire.  

- Set your intention for the rest of the year to achieve your goals.

Saturday 16th March at 1pm. 

International Women's Day


This is a day to inspire and celebrate women. There will be plenty of workshops and stalls on the day. 

Sunday 10th March. My Workshop is at 11am. 

You can find more info and book your tickets and raffle tickets below. 

Speaking at EEC


I loved being able to share my story and my journey with the members of East End Connections. 

I spoke how EAM changed my life and how what seemed like unfortunate events actually benefited me in the long run. Anyone can change their life around.