About Ceza

Ceza is one of the UK's top body and mind fitness specialists, based in various locations across Central Scotland.

Ceza runs regular Pilates and Burlexercise classes for men and women. For those with busy schedules or who prefer a more dedicated service, Ceza also does one-to-one Pilates Online.

"As a qualified instructor, I empower all my clients to feel as dedicated and passionate about their health and wellbeing as I do."

For those interested in looking after their mind as well as their body, Ceza is a qualified Energy Alignment Method (EAM) practitioner. She can help clients boost personal confidence, improve their relationships, treat trauma, improve self attainment, cure addiction, and many other issues.

"As one of the founding EAM Mentors worldwide, let me show you a new and innovative way to self-improvement and fitness of the mind."