Ceza Ouzounian - Energy Alignment Method Mentor, Pilates & Burlexercise Instructor in Glasgow.

Hello, I'm Ceza Ouzounian - the Fitness & Energy Coach.

You know you have so much to offer the world. But you seem stuck in a job you hate, in a life that doesn't make you happy, your fitness isn't where you know you can get it to. Everything seems hard. Harder than it seems for others. Why isn't it working out as everyone said it would if you followed the expected route?

It is no longer time for you to be playing it small! 

I'm here to work with you and allow you to give yourself permission to step into who you are meant to be. 

✨To have that job you want that brings you fulfilment and you love doing. 

✨To be fitter and healthier. 

✨To have the most amazing, loving relationship. 

✨To have the social life you crave. 

✨To be able to travel, live in the home that is yours and have fun. 

✨To achieve any goal you set for yourself. 

✨Overall TO BE HAPPY, truly happy!   

No more waiting around, time to take action! Because this shit doesn't happen without change and effort. Which is why I'm here! Yeees! 


Live online Pilates & Burlexercise classes

Staying physically active during this time is so important. Exercise helps pump the lymph around the body so the lymphatic system can do its job, which filters out bacteria, viruses and any other types of foreign matter. This helps boosts the immune system and if you do get ill, will lesson the potency and help you recover quicker. Exercise also de-stresses you, gets you to breathe properly, boosts all the good hormones and keeps your body healthy. I'm seeing a lot of people stressing and panicking, none of which benefits you or your body.

That is why I am now offering Pilates and Burlexercise online as a live session. It will be done over Zoom via video, so you can see me and I can see you, which means I can guide you through a class and still give you corrections. This means you are still keeping up with your fitness, staying healthy and you aren't losing everything you've worked for.

This is open to anyone who wants to keep going with their fitness while stuck at home.

The live classes will run at:

  • Burlexercise - Monday 5.30pm, Wednesdat 10.45am and Thursday 6pm - £4 
  • Pilates - Monday 10.30am and 6.30pm, Wednesday 12pm and Thursday 7pm - £6 
  • Pilates Beginners only class - Thursday 11am - £6

Alternatively, there is Pilates Online Membership, where you can access Pilates workouts at any time. 

Online live Pilates.
Online live Burlexercise. 
Dance cardio and Pilates live classes.




Mind & Energy

Mind & Energy

Any Warrior knows that looking after your body is key to be able to withstand any outcome and obstacle.  

Fitness is a great way to not only get fitter but to know its strengths and weaknesses.
With Pilates and Burlexercise, you'll not only see the difference it makes to your health and fitness but you will also feel amazing!

EAM, energy alignment method, passion and purpose, goals, wellness, happiness, mindset

Mind & Energy

Mind & Energy

Mind & Energy

To be a powerful Warrior you must have the mindset and energy that keeps excelling you forwards. How you deal with negatives, set backs and obstacles affects every area of your life. 

No more allowing these to rule you. Release the thoughts, beliefs, fears and patterns holding you stuck.  Let that shit go! 



Mind & Energy


A Warrior's connection with others is key for her success. Having happy and fulfilling relationships is incredibly important, because they shape our lives. 

Identify what you want, learn how to deal with difficult situations and how to move forwards in your relationships.