Ceza Ouzounian, EAM Mentor, Fitness, Energy coach, Pilates, Burlexercise, fearless warrior


I'm Ceza Ouzounian - the Fitness & Energy Coach.

I'm committed to helping you live a life as your authentic and amazing self!

Having myself experienced what it feels like to discover that you aren't the real you anymore, I don't want any other woman to experience this. 

I know from speaking to clients and friends, this happens a lot, especially as work, family, responsibilities, life in general takes over and we start to lose who we truly are. Being able to be ourselves with love and acceptance brings happiness and fulfilment into our lives. 


Pilates, fitness, health, burlexercise, fitter, healthier, love your body

Love Your Body

To love and accept your body, you have to take care of it. Fitness is a great way to not only get fitter but to be at one with your body.
With Pilates and Burlexercise, you'll not only see the difference it makes to your health and fitness but you will also feel amazing!

EAM, energy alignment method, passion and purpose, goals, wellness, happiness, mindset

Live With Passion & Purpose

Health and fitness isn't just about the body. It includes the mind and the spirit. To truly live a life with passion and purpose, you must first release all the sh*t holding you back.
Release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions which are impacting your body and your health. Time to let these go!