Ceza Ouzounian, EAM Mentor, Fitness, Energy coach, Pilates, Burlexercise, fearless warrior

Hello, I'm Ceza Ouzounian - the Fitness & Energy Coach.

It is time for you to embrace your inner warrior! 

You know you are an amazing person, I know you are an amazing person, so let's get that amazing person out there doing everything she wants!

It is no longer time for you to be playing it small! 

I'm here to work with you and allow you to give yourself permission to step into who you are meant to be, to embrace every part of you and to love who you truly are, so you can go out there and achieve any goal you set for yourself, whether that is getting the job you've dreamt of, getting as fit as you want, excelling in your business, meeting a partner that is in alignment with what you want, whatever, I'm here to help make that happen. 

No more waiting around, time to take action! 

Upcoming Events

I am really excited to have the opportunity to speak at this month's WiNG event on Tuesday 30th April at the Virgin Money Lounge. 

To create change and manifest all the things we want, we have to first become aware of how our minds are stopping us! Our beliefs and thoughts shape our business and life. I'll explain some way to tune into your energy and identify what's holding you back. 

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Fitness Warrior In Training


Any Warrior knows that looking after your body is key to be able to withstand any outcome and obstacle.  

Fitness is a great way to not only get fitter but to know its strengths and weaknesses.
With Pilates and Burlexercise, you'll not only see the difference it makes to your health and fitness but you will also feel amazing!

Time to get fit!

Mind Warrior In Training

EAM, energy alignment method, passion and purpose, goals, wellness, happiness, mindset

To be a powerful Warrior you must have the mindset and energy that keeps excelling you forwards. How you deal with negatives, set backs and obstacles affects every area of your life. 

No more allowing these to rule you. Release the thoughts, beliefs, fears and patterns holding you stuck.  Let that shit go! 

Time to Live!