Wow, what a weekend!

by / Tuesday, 12 September 2017 / Published in EAM, Latest posts, Lifestyle

Wow! I just came back from an amazing weekend with the Energy Alignment Method Collective – all the people currently on the course.

This weekend was all around money. We looked at all our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns and mindset around money. Doing the work myself during the weekend, I realised I had a lot of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions about money, especially since my move to Scotland. I released a portion of the resistance using EAM and instantly felt better and not weighed down by the stresses of money.

Follow your heart

Another great topic for the weekend was making sure we were following our passion and purpose in life. A lot of people find they are stuck in a job they don’t enjoy or maybe even hate. They feel they can’t leave the job because it brings in a stable income, a good amount of money or they are afraid to take the risk to go after what they want. This can be so demoralising and it can affect every other area of your life, after all you spend a lot of time at work!

But this doesn’t have to be just about work, are you living your purpose and passion in life in general? Maybe you love your job but there is something else that is your purpose and passion, are you bringing that into your everyday life? Are you being true to yourself? These are important topics to look at to make sure you are happy in your life.

Once the weekend was over, many people found themselves in flow and when you are in flow, the positives flow towards you. For me, it was new clients, feeling empowered and ready to unleash my purpose and passion onto the world!

Even though EAM has been a part of my life for nearly 18 months, it still surprises me how effective it is! Not only for me, seeing and hearing about the resistances released and shifts made over the weekend from those on the course confirmed what a brilliant tool EAM is. And as a mentor, it is so uplifting to see the shifts that happen in our mentees, it makes what we do so worth it!

If you are ready to release everything holding you back and live a life in flow, book a free clarity call with me now. What are you waiting for?!

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