The Energy Alignment Method

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In the last blog, we looked at the wonderful effects of Pilates on the body. In this blog, we are going to look at mindset using EAM. What is EAM? It is the Energy Alignment Method. What’s that I hear you ask?

EAM is an energy psychology technique to figure out what is going on in your head and what you are feeling in your heart and body, bridging the gap between eastern philosophies, therapeutic practices and what’s known in modern day research, like neuroscience and quantum physics.

It works on an energetic, psychological and physiological level. Energy is free flowing and moving. However, it can become stuck due to our experiences. EAM can help shift these resistances and allow the energy to flow freely again. It works by rewiring the neuron pathways in the brain so a negative experience doesn’t overshadow other experiences. It re-balances our hormones and brings our heart rhythm to a healthy rhythm. All together this allows the body to work at its most efficient.

A lot of people think that emotions, thoughts, stress and the subconscious only affects the head/mind, they don’t take into account how it is affecting their body. Every thought, feeling and belief you have affects your body. For example, if you don’t feel confident and believe you aren’t good enough, your body will display that information, you may be shrinking into yourself, or your voice may be really quiet when you talk. You may not even consciously realise you are doing this, maybe you have been working on appearing more confident but chances are you are displaying the body language of something not confident and doesn’t believe in themselves and the other person will pick up on it.

EAM is not just about being positive all the time, because I believe that the negative aspects of life need to be acknowledged and released to truly be positive, otherwise you are just suppressing the negative feelings and they will manifest in other ways. Life will never be without the down moments, they are inevitable but knowing how to deal with them, even the toughest of situations, really makes a difference. And after all, without the negatives in life, there would be no positives!

EAM is a 5 step technique. We identify the resistance using kinesiology, release the resistance and then align to a positive affirmation. Sounds simple, right? It is. So much can be revealed and released, that’s not to say it will feel easy or you won’t experience negative emotions while releasing, but you will feel lighter and happier after.

Shift your energy.

I had one client say she liked EAM because she never felt pressure to reveal something she wasn’t ready to. Which is great because you can relax into it and allow things to shift without trying to hide them or being afraid to say them. What needs to come upwill come up when it is ready to be dealt with. It’s also great because you don’t need to consciously link what’s happening now to something else, if we need to know the link it will reveal itself, if not, we probably can release it without needing to know the details.

I’ve been using EAM for my own transformational journey the last year and a half and I know the power of EAM and seen the transformation not only in myself but also in the rest of the group I took this journey with. I love how effective it is, the difference it makes and seeing how it helps other people, which is why I enjoy working with my clients and hearing the difference it has made in their lives.

For this reason, the next 6 people to book into a 1-2-1 EAM session with me, will get it at a discounted rate.
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