What they are saying

“Ceza guided me through an EAM session to help me with my addiction to sugar. It was fascinating. I was amazed as my body responded to her questions. Ceza was very patient and thorough – exploring my issues, resulting in a breakthrough towards the end of my session. She explained it all really well and made me feel comfortable straight away. I could see her passion for EAM as she took me through my session, which made the whole experience even more special. I recommend giving EAM a go, and giving it a go with Ceza!”
Cara Williams


“Ceza’s classes are great – they are fun, varied and she creates a supportive atmosphere for both people just starting to do pilates and those who have been doing it longer and want more of a challenge. They have helped me to feel fitter, stronger and more in tune with my body. Highly recommended!”
Eleanor T


“Fantastic sessions. Large or small groups, Ceza definitely focuses on each attendee as an individual, and looks after what is important to them! A fully dedicated instructor, with passion to encourage health & fitness, to everyone! A big thank you! I look forward to future sessions”
Margareta G


“After the pilates class, I feel like my body has been stretched, I don’t have aches in my lower back, neck and hip. I feel more agile and active. Ceza is very attentive and makes sure everyone is doing the moves correctly. All the moves are perfect for stretching and strengthening and use all the parts of the body we don’t use that need strengthening for everyday life.”
Nora O


“I have been taking pilates classes with Ceza for over a year now. She has a lovely manner about her which combines hard work with humour and great attention to detail. She really gives careful one to one attention even in a group class. I feel I have made real progress under Ceza’s watchful eye and I enjoy her classes. She is particularly helpful in adapting exercises if there is someone in the class with a specific need and always offers options so that you can push yourself to a level that suits you as an individual.”
Emily E


“I first used the FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil when Ceza recommended it to me for red patches I had around my eyes. The oil helped repair the skin back to normal. It’s a lovely feel on the skin, makes it feel soft and is very soothing. The skin feels invigorated.”
Kevin O


“Ceza has helped me lose weight and keep the weight off. I been struggling all my life with being over weight, and tried everything in the market and nothing worked, till I finally tried Ceza’s suggestions and it worked. Anyone struggling with being over weight, contact Ceza, you have nothing to lose except unwanted weight.”
Ramin D