Release Your Inner Showgirl

by / Tuesday, 08 August 2017 / Published in Pilates and Exercise

This week we are looking at Burlexercise. You may be wondering what Burlexercise is. Well, simply put it is a medium-high intensity fitness class. But actually it is so much more. The class includes 30 minutes of dance cardio combining burlesque showgirl moves with exercise. Then we spend the next 30 minutes working with dumbbells (let me add that the dumbbells are on boas! 😉 ).


Have you ever been intrigued by burlesque but not had the confidence to do a burlesque class? Do you want to get fit while having fun? Do you like dancing? If yes, then Burlexercise is for you.  And we keep our clothes on so no need to feel self-conscious.


Burlexercise - fitness with a wiggleRight now, this may sound like your average fitness class. But Burlexercise isn’t just about getting fit (yes, we do get sweaty and work the body hard) but Burlexercise is also about embracing your feminine energy. What do I mean by this? I mean loving your body and everything about it, the good and the bad, being and feeling confident. It is about not hiding away, allowing yourself to be truly you. It is about feeling sexy, sassy and beautiful (even if you’re doing all the wrong moves. I don’t mind as long as you’re moving and feeling good).


Boas with dumbbellsWho doesn’t want to workout, lose weight, tone up and have fun doing it? You will sweat in class with the dance cardio and if it is a hot day, you’ll be dripping (if you’re going out after, leave time for a shower!), your muscles will ache with our weighted boas (who doesn’t want to look sassy while working on their arms?), your abs will burn at the end of the class but you will leave feeling great, sexier and more confident and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.



BurlexerciseLet’s face facts, is there a better way to get fit than with a bum shimmy? I don’t think so! If you’re ready to try the class, click here to book yourself in or contact me to take advantage of the £3 first try offer.

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