Meet Ceza

Ceza OuzounianCeza is a professional Fitness Instructor and EAM Mentor with a passion for botanically based skincare and a love of acting. She uses her experience and her education to help her clients create successful and healthy lifestyle changes through Fitness, botanical nutrition and EAM mentoring. This helps them to build better, more successful relationships professionally and personally, and helps them to unlock a healthier and happy routine.

Ceza Ouzounian comes from a varied background. She studied Engineering at university, with the intention to work in the Aerospace industry.   Struggling to find an engineering job having graduated during the recession, Ceza thought hard about which path she wanted to continue on. It was at this point, that she decided to follow her dream of becoming an actress. She attended Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio and says that the training has taught her a lot about self-awareness and to be open emotionally to be able to act authentically.

This created the foundation for Ceza to find her love of public speaking and it continues to help to break down barriers often placed on us by society, parents, culture, religion, etc. It also helped her to crush any fears  of performing in front of others.

 “We only get one life, so let’s make the most of it!”  – Ceza Ouzounian