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by / Monday, 24 October 2016 / Published in Lifestyle

Last Friday, I went to Yvette Taylor’s The Energy Emergence Event in Birmingham. The event was about EAM. What is EAM? EAM is the Energy Alignment Method. Still no idea what I’m talking about? Let me start from the beginning.

Let’s go back to March 2016. My boyfriend, as usual, was talking to me about Carl Jung, dreams, the spirit world. Not really sure which bit he was talking about but I had heard it all before and wasn’t really listening (shhh, don’t tell him!). Then he mentioned energy and how it was everywhere and that he thought I should study it. As an engineer, I knew energy was always around in some form as someone’s law was that energy is always conserved (clearly wasn’t listening in that lecture either as I can’t remember who’s law it was)! However, I couldn’t really see how you would study it in a non-science way and just let it go.

Two weeks later, I noticed a newsletter from Yvette Taylor about her EAM course. I had been receiving her emails for a year, none of which I had actually read, no idea when I had signed up for her emails or even where I had found out about her but I had, assuming it was from a networking event. This particular email caught my attention. It was all about Yvette’s energy experience, learning to work with your energy, realigning to being in flow and using the Law of Attraction to better your life. It was exactly what my boyfriend and I had spoken about, or rather he had spoken at me about (he’s a chatterbox!).

I signed up to see what it was about. I didn’t really get it but when the Energy Evolution Course came up, I felt it was the right move. It was a 10 month course, working from our core being (soul) through to our life and our work.

Being on month 8, I can say it has been an incredible journey. It has helped me realise the positive and negative beliefs, patterns and thoughts I have had in place for years. It has allowed me to release emotional and physical resistances in me as a person, in my relationships, in my work and career, in every aspect of my life. It has allowed me to realise my true passions and desires. I don’t think I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for EAM.



Now as I come to the end of the course and before I start the EAM mentor training, I realise how powerful EAM is. This is why I have combined it with fitness. We all have our obstacles in life, some have it in regards to fitness, and if using EAM can help unblock and release those obstacles without the need to go into the nitty gritty, then how amazing will that be?

It is hard to explain the power of EAM on paper (or computer), it really has to be experienced. If you would like to experience what it can do for you, book a 30 mins FREE consultation with me and start your Fearless Warrior journey!

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