Ceza Fitness Classes

Ceza Fitness is a new fitness brand with a distinctive difference. The brand was created in 2014 by Ceza and is focused on innovative group fitness programming and personalised fitness training.  Ceza Ouzounian

Uniquely designed to offer an array of classes and programs including Pilates, Barre and Burlexercise. Her classes motivate, educate, inspire and support others to realise their true potential through health and fitness.

Ceza wants to teach people how to achieve a balance between training, eating well and enjoying life by getting her clients stronger, fitter and moving better than they ever thought possible.

Ceza allows her clients to get the absolute best out of their training routine, even while recovering from an injury.

Ceza is a lifetime fitness and sports enthusiast and brings passion, knowledge, and energy to your training experience. Ceza believes well-being and fulfilment in life start with a healthy body and is keen and able to help you achieve your goals at all levels, ranging from novice to athlete.

Ceza’s natural interest in health and wellbeing  has lead to further studies  which has widened her scope of knowledge in the human mind and body and now also offers skincare and EAM Mentoring for a total mind and body transformation.

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