This is a medium-high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. Our classes take you on a physical journey, burning calories, toning and tightening all those problem areas from top to bottom (whilst incorporating token showgirl elements). The perfect addition to Pilates and a great way to add some cardio to your workout. The video below gives you an idea of what to expect.

What did Fit Lass, Sabi Phagura think when she tried Burlexercise? Here is a snippet from her blog. Read the full review here:
What’s even more brilliant is that it didn’t feel like exercise. Despite the sweating, puffing and panting I felt energised with a sense of accomplishment. I can really see how such a class, if done on a regular basis, could make any woman feel sexy, confident and beautiful despite her size. Burlesque is an art and burlexercise brings out the artist in you.

Burlexercise Instructor of the Month:
I was Burlexercise Instructor of the month for June, read the blog here and find out why I love about Burlexercise. 


Monday5.15pm - 6.15pmThe Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane, Glasgow, G12 8SJBook by clicking here.Drop-in - £8 or £36 for 6 classes.
Special offer: First class - £3
Wednesday7.00pm - 8.00pmWest End Pole Dance Academy, 20 Sandyford St, Glasgow, G3 8QJEmail ceza@ceza.co.uk to book your place. Drop-in - £8 or £36 for 6 classes.
Special offer: First class - £3

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Burlexercise with Ceza